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 All over the world are unique and eclectic artisans producing quality products. The artisan products are handcrafted with care and dedication. So much so that you feel the love that went into them. My mission is to bring those products to you so you can experience them in your everyday life. Remember, it is my hope to provide opportunities for artisans from around the world. I want to purchase these products directly from the artisan, in person if I can.

It is crucial that I meet them and discover the handcraft skills that have been passed down through the generations. From these meetings I find out the stories about the products, the stories they carry with them as you bring them into your home. These meetings also give me a chance to ensure the products meet my ethical code. The products must be produced with responsible business practices. I donate part of all sales back to the communities where they were produced. 

Located in Ecuador, the For His Children Orphanage receives regular contributions from Manos De Sur (Hands of the South). This place is special. It provides love and care for the vulnerable children until they are adopted or reunited with their birth families.

At first, my vision was the support of artisan communities in South America, Primarily Argentina, Bolivia, Peru & Ecuador. However, my travels now create opportunities to support artisans in Portugal & Vietnam.