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Welcome to Manos De Sur. We are proud to bring you the most unique products for everyday living. The items for sale at Manos De Sur make bold statements and connect the online consumer with some of the most remote family businesses on the planet. From Vietnam to Portugal, to Argentina and beyond, we partner with local artisans to bring their world into yours. The products you’ll find here are specifically chosen to bring a fair wage to these remote village artisans. Known as fair-trade, we bring hope to these artisans in ways only e-commerce can. Think about it! In some cases, selling just a few items brings these artisans and their families much-needed wages that could help sustain them for weeks.

The products offered at Manos De Sur encourage more than just a fair wage. We help preserve local cultures that might otherwise disappear if not for customers like you. This is because the products were handcrafted using local techniques and materials. The artisanship is proudly connected to local culture and has been passed down from generation to generation. As you browse the following pages, remember it is our mission to bring you the best possible online experience. Experience Hands of the South for yourself.

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