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Fair Trade Horn Jewelry

Vietnam has a rich and diverse culture found nowhere else. For example, traditional village artisans make unique natural horn jewelry. Relying on local resources, artisans passed down their handicrafting skills for several generations, spanning more than 400 years. As a renewable resource, villagers first learned about household items. It was common to find eating utensils and combs made out of natural horn in homes throughout Vietnam. Today, artisans craft unique and elegant necklaces, earrings, ankle bracelets and more. At Manos De Sur we are lucky to partner with these artisans. You will make a striking statement by owning and wearing a personal link to Vietnam history.

Vietnam’s culture is centuries old with rich and vibrant elements that are worth the experience. When Vietnam unified in the mid-seventies, artisan villages were government-run collectives. Then in the mid-nineties, the government started opening its borders to international trade and tourism. Non-government organizations (NGOs) and humanitarian groups aided in the establishment of independent design groups. These groups ensure local artisans only participate in deals that practice fair-trade. Purchasing horn jewelry helps sustainably preserve Vietnam’s traditional culture