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Manos De Sur is pleased to offer full-sized South American inspired blankets. The skills needed to produce the alpaca wool used in our blankets reach far back into South American History. The alpaca is a domesticated lama-like animal that is believed to originate from the vicuña and guana. The domestication began some 5,000 years ago in pre-Columbian South America. Legend notes that alpaca fibers were used to make clothing for Inca royalty. Manos De Sur partners with a small family business in Ecuador to produce our blankets. The items are 60% alpaca wool & 40% acrylic.

South American people in remote villages have been using alpaca wool for hundreds of generations. They use it for clothes and blankets. The wool varies depending on the area. The dyes come from local plants and natural elements. For example, Chil'ca is plentiful in Peru and Ecuador. When the leaves are boiled with a Collpa, a natural compound found in the which the jungle, the result is a brilliant green. Many plants produce yellow. One is the Q’olle flower, which grows in abundance throughout the Andes. Other combinations produce blues, reds, and purples. How long the wool is boiled determines the color’s shade.