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Unique Global Products

At Manos De Sur, we are delighted to offer unique global products. The polished Kudu horn and Kudu horn with stand is one such product. A Kudu is a species of antelope with majestic spiral horns. We use sustainable sources for these wonderful pieces. And from Portugal, we present Portuguese soap. It comes in four varieties and packed in distinctive round cork boxes.

Next, we have porcupine quill napkin rings. This item will surely be a hit at your next dinner party. Another dinner party hit is our wine bottle holder. It is made from a silver alloy that is tarnish-resistant. The horns come from goats. We source these unique pieces from a small family business in Argentina. Last but certainly not least, we have handcrafted wraps.

 We pride ourselves in making a fair-trade connection with producers. In many cases, you will not find our unique global products anywhere else but Manos De Sur. Browse our pages today and discover other countries on a personal level.