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Vintage Textiles/Pillows

We are excited about our vintage mantas/frazadas. They bring with them a unique South American style that will add elegance to your home. They are primarily made from sheep’s wool. However, some of the neutral colors might contain traditional alpaca wool. Throughout the Andean mountain range, Peruvian artisans handcraft these unique textiles. This gives them an authentic look and feels that has not changed for hundreds of years. We also have pillow covers that are created from these vintage textiles we selected throughout our travels in South America. Then we take them to a family in Peru to hand sew them.

We obtain these textiles from villages throughout South America. The vibrant colors come from natural dyes. The techniques used in making these dyes vary by region and come from local materials. The uniqueness of each region’s textiles comes from skills passed down through the generations. Local villagers originally used the woven textiles as blankets for warmth against the cold Andean Mountain air. However, these textiles are quite versatile. They can be used throughout the home for area rugs, throws, runners, and even used to reupholster furniture. The mantas must be woven in two smaller pieces then sewn together. This is because Peruvian looms are not industrial, but rather, home looms.