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Cork Products

Manos De Sur carries some unique cork products, all of which are handcrafted from genuine Portuguese cork. More than half of the world's cork comes from Portugal. This is because it has an ideal climate of moderate weather and abundant yearly rainfall. Cork comes from the Cork Oak tree, which covers about 5.3 million acres of Portugal’s countryside. A tree must be 28 years old before harvesting the oak bark can begin. Then a large ring of bark can be taken from the trunk. Portuguese law only allows this process once every nine years. This is to prevent the species from dying out. Cork Oak trees live to about 300 years, guaranteeing a sustainable product.

Cork is impermeable to liquid and moisture, lightweight, flexible, and durable. These qualities make it an ideal material for wallets, handbags, and other fashionable items. We partner with a small family-owned business in Portugal. Below you will find some of the most unique and elegant handbags.  We also have cork bowties, eyeglass cases, sunglasses with UV protection  and one-of-a-kind aprons.