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In 2012 I began traveling to South America to discover the beautiful handicrafts throughout the continent. My goal is to bring to market the best quality unique products these countries have to offer.  The items we carry are primarily hand crafted and purchased as often as possible directly from the artisans.


We also carry a line of Fair Trade water buffalo jewelry handcrafted in Vietnam

Thuy Ung village on the outskirts of Hanoi is one of 300 designated traditional handicraft villages in Vietnam, known for it’s exceptional handcrafted natural horn jewelry and artwork.


Artisans practice handicraft skills that have been kept alive for over 400 years, passed down from generation to generation.


Natural horn was originally used to make practical household utensils and combs. Artisans are now using it to create elegant and unique jewelry. You can wear a link to history with one of these striking statement necklaces, earrings or bangle bracelets.


Purchasing horn jewelry helps preserve this traditional culture in a sustainable way. While these artisan villages were government-run collectives until the mid 1990’s, Vietnam began to open its borders to international trade and tourism, NGO’s and humanitarian groups have helped start independent design groups to ensure fair trade practices and support the development of these traditional craftspeople.


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